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Per User

₹ 900

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Per User

₹ 750

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₹ 650

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Features and Capabilities

Seamless Experience

Connect from anywhere, anytime from any device. Create, Print, Email as if working on local device.

Automated Backup

Hassle Free Automated Cloud Backup to protect against any disaster.

Managed Security

SSL secured VPN connectivity with multi-level security including firewall, anti-malware, anti-ransomware protection along with access level control.

High Speed Performance

Higher capacity server, SSD storage and internet infrastructure for highspeed performance with 99.5% Network Uptime.


Q. How is the difference between Biz2Cloud, VPS and dedicated server?

Biz2Cloud is a ready to use subscription service which includes software licenses, data security and computing experience on a per user basis making it simple, effective and economical.
VPS hosting provides more control on the physical server as compared to Biz2Cloud but it requires licensing and management to be handled by you which requires some amount of technical knowhow. Your virtual system would be completely isolated with dedicated resources and you will have full control on it. All of this happens with the help of Virtualization.
Dedicated Server allows you to own, control and manage the bare metal physical server and build upon with your technical knowhow and requirements.

Q. What other software license / subscription I need to buy to run Tally on Biz2Cloud?

Biz2Cloud subscription includes all necessary licenses of Server, Remote Access, Tally, End Point Security, Firewall etc. So essentially it is a hassle free all-in-one integrated offering covering hardware, infrastructure, software and security along with necessary updates & upgrades.

We ensure that your purpose of getting hassle free, seamless accounting infrastructure on Tally is delivered to allow you to focus on your core business.

Q. Are my customization / TDL supported on Biz2Cloud?

Yes, you can integrate your TDL/ Tally Customization in your subscription. Although, we recommend you to check it for compatibility.

Q. Can I maintain multiple companies on my Biz2Cloud subscription?

Yes, there is no restriction on the number of companies you wish to manage. For every user there is an allocated 1 GB space and your total data should be less than that. Our sales team can help you get the storage plugin to accommodate larger data.

Q. I have multiple users working simultaneously, does Biz2Cloud support this?

Multiple users can be mapped to a single Biz2Cloud subscription and all of them concurrently work on the data of the same company or different companies with ease without any constraints. Users can connect from different locations, cities, internet service provider and devices.

Q. Can I restrict users to access select companies?

Yes, you can activate Tally level user security policy for each company and setup the rights to restrict users on various companies and for various functionalities as supported by Tally.

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