Hybrid Backup 1

Per Year

Rs 5995

Hybrid Backup 2

Per Year

Rs 9495

for 3 Users

Hybrid Backup 3

Per Year

Rs 9995

Files Cloud

Per Year

Rs 9995


Features and Capabilities

Reliable, High Speed, Automatic

Our Cloud backup is powered by Acronis – the award-winning world leader in cloud backup. Works 2x to 10x times faster as compared to other solutions. Works automatically once configured. Intuitive web console to manage everything.

Total Coverage, Flexible Control

Seamless deployment on 20+ platforms for multiple backup types – files/folders, disks/volumes, system state, database etc. Supports flexible schedules, retention policy, incremental/full backup, easy granular recovery and much more.

Highly Secure

Military grade AES-256 encryption in storage and transit. SSAE-18 certified security against natural disasters. AI driven proactive Ransomware protection.

Quality Support

Responsive support team to guide you through deployment and data migration. We are a call away if you need any support with your data – backup or recovery.


Q. What is the difference between Cloud Storage & Cloud Backup and Hybrid Backup?
Cloud storage, like Dropbox, Google Drive, Apple’s iCloud and Microsoft’s SkyDrive, are designed to share files easily, store files online to be accessible, and to work with, from any device anywhere. They are great ways to share files and folders but not the right place to backup your business critical documents & application data.

Cloud backup is a cloud-based application, which provides you with the ability to automatically backup your files, applications, virtual machines or servers and store them safely for disaster recovery purposes. Cloud Backup is an insurance for your data and business continuity.

Hybrid Backup enabled implementation of expert recommended 3-2-1 rule – three copies of your data, two local (on different devices) and one off-site. For most people, this means the original data on your computer, a backup on an external hard drive, and another on a cloud backup service.
Q. What are the Key Components of a Hybrid BackUp Strategy?

It follows two different strategies:

#1: All local files are stored and shares in a NAS [Network Attached Storage] and a Backup of this Data is Backed up in the Cloud. We combine QNAP NAS along with Acronis Cloud Backup.


#2: Data is kept on individual machines and data is backed up on a local external drive/NAS as well as Cloud. We recommend Acronis True Image, QNAP NAS and Acronis Cloud Backup integration for the strategy.

Q. Who should go for a Hybrid Backup Plan?

It is a matter of individual preference and risk appetite. For very large volume data, a hybrid plan is an excellent idea. Restoring large data from cloud takes time. Having a local backup copy speeds up the process.

You can also evaluate going for a Disaster Recovery Plan.

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