Business Linux Web Hosting

Web Hosting 1

Per Month

Rs 249

Web Hosting 2

Per Year

Rs 5495

Web Hosting 3

Per Year

Rs 8995

Features & Benefits

Top Notch, Secure Infra

Hosted on TIER IV Certified Data centre with advanced Network Security defence against brute force and DDOS attacks with Fail2ban, Rootkit Detection,DDOS Protection, Firewall Managers and many more tools on a real time basis.

Simple & Powerful Webops

With various authentication methods, anti-spam and anti-virus support, automatic updating tools, and vulnerability monitoring, your website runs securely with Plesk.
Ready-to-code environment with PHP, JavaScript, Perl, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, .NET, and Node.js support.

Secure Email Accounts

Integrated mail accounts with POP/IMAP support to secure your emails in sync with all devices. Inbuilt anti-spam and antivirus protection integrated with mail server.

Additional Services

Free SSL Certificate to enable https, improve trust & your SEO ranking. Daily Full Linux backup and 24×7 monitoring for performance & security.


Q. What is shared hosting?

Linux Shared hosting hosts your instance on a shared server with Linux as the operating system. With Linux, you can install many applications and can work with them in your hosting environment. Normally it is recommended for website hosting.

Q. How will I upload and manage my Website?

We provide a Plesk control panel for complete management of your website, where from a graphical web interface, you will be able manage your website and emails. Various website building tools are supported. If you are stuck up, our support team is always there to bail you out.

Q. Is my website getting backed up?

Unlike most other hosting providers, we backup our server multiple times per week which includes your websites, database and hosted emails. Many potential business issues are averted through our automated backup and recovery process.

Q. Can I host an ecommerce site from my shared hosting?

A VPS or Dedicated server is recommended for ecommerce sites, as they require exclusive server configurations and may exceed resource fair usage limits.

Q. Can I use my shared hosting for email marketing campaigns?

No, the email service with shared hosting is for regular business email and not for mass email and email marketing. For that refer to Email/WhatsApp/SMS campaign under Cloud Services.

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