Windows VPS - Uninterrupted, Scalable, Reliable.


Per Month

Rs 2995


Per Month

Rs 3995


Per Month

Rs 4995


Per Month

Rs 8995

Features and Capabilities

Uptime TIER IV Certified DC

Hosted at India’s only Uptime Certified TIER IV datacenter, with a 99.9% uptime guarantee and uninterrupted service.
Redundant hardware with High availability (HA). SSD storage for higher speed and reliability.

Seamless Windows Experience

Choice of Windows 2016/2019 with ASP.NET, ASP, MYSQL EXPRESS paired out of box.
Administrative access over RDP to allow management from anywhere.

Integrated Security & Backup

Integrated multi-level security including firewall, anti-malware, anti-ransomware protection. Integrated Automated weekly Server VPS Backup.

Quality Support

24×7 monitoring of the online availability of VPS server with its storage, CPU, and RAM utilization, IP reputation checks, and daily antivirus, and antimalware scanning. Responsive support team to guide your deployment.


Q. How is VPS different from Share Hosting?

VPS hosting provides more control on the physical server as compared to shared alternatives. Your virtual system would be completely isolated with dedicated resources and you will have full control on it unlike shared hosting. All of this happens with the help of Virtualization.

Q. Is any security enabled for my Windows VPS?

A multi-level security is enabled for your VPS. We deploy a professional endpoint protection on your server for real time monitoring for malware, ransomware and other threats. We also enable the inbuilt firewall with the OS and we also have a perimeter hardware firewall for enhanced security. We can also extend VPN support for your VPS for additional security.

Q. Is Backup included with my VPS server?

Agent-less backup is configured to take a weekly backup week which is retained for two weeks.
We can integrate agent-based backup plans as per your need. Our sales team can help you with technical and commercials aspects.

Q. Physical Security of the Hosted Server?

We host our server infrastructure in world class Tier-4 data centers. This infra is supported by n+1 redundancy at power, climate control and storage levels. The physical facility is protected by a multilayer biometric security system, as well as a manned security system.

Q. Is managed support is included with my dedicated Server Plan?

Yes, L1 and L2 support for managing, monitoring and troubleshooting hardware, network, OS and performance issues is included. For advanced management, we can provide you with a custom managed solution.

Q. Can I upgrade my Windows VPS on Demand?

No, we currently do not provide for dynamic on demand upgradation. But we can upgrade your resources normally within minutes of your request.

Q. Does my plan include DR service?

We provide managed DRaaS which can replicate your servers to a different geographical zone for business continuity and DR services. Please get in touch with our sales team for more details. Default plant doesnot cover DR service.

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